We are a   K-7 school (255 students) set in the heart of beautiful B.C.​
David Hoy School is located in the Village of Fort St. James. Fort St. James is situated on beautiful Stuart Lake, and is a village rich with history. David Hoy Elementary is named after David Hoy. David Ho​y came to Fort St. James in 1906 from New Westminster where he stayed until his death in 1959.During this time he pioneered the trails and waterways in the area.
The Fort St. James National Historic Site is just one of the area’s attractions. The original Fort was established by Simon Fraser as a Northwest Hudson’s Bay Company Trading Post in the early 1800’s. Today, with a population of approximately 5,000, Fort St. James still is considered “The Gateway to the North”. 
David Hoy Elementary was built as an open concept school and was officially opened in June of 1971. As the population grew so did David Hoy School and it was enlarged and renovated in 1987. David Hoy School serves the local community as well as the outlying communities of Binché and Taché.